8 Dresses Under $40 For 8 Different Occasions

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You've probably been in front of the wardrobe staring for (what seems like) days, wondering what to put on, because you have someone to see, something to do or some event to attend. Picking the right outfit is hard, because you want to look good, but not seem like you try too hard or feel like you've missed the mark and feel awkward. Here are several examples and explanations why THIS dress is perfect for YOUR TODAY ☺️


It's hard to figure out what exactly this type of dress is... It seems like "casual" is everything that's not super dressy. But what actually casual means is a dress that's in your comfort zone, out of every strict rule of event and dress code. But what's more important, this is a dress that will fit in your everyday schedule and won't make you feel out of place. The key word here is "feminine". You can't go wrong with that! That's why our pick for a casual dress is this Lace Dress.

Casul Dress

Casual Lace Dress


Sure, it depends on the field of your job, but the perfect Work/Office dress has to be classy, elegant and simple. Forget about cleavage and ultra-mini skirts. You don't want to be that girl! Trust me, you can still be sexy, and keep it professional. Our choice for the perfect Work/Office Dress is this Simple Blue Dress. The color is not daring, still it isn't the boring black and white or the overused plaid or checkered outfit. 

Work Dress

Blue Fitted Office Dress


We love the beach! Who doesn't love it anyway?! Sea, sand, sun - perfect! You want to feel free, definitely not the place for tight, restricting dresses. The materials should be breathable, the silhouette - loose. That's why the perfect dress in this category is this light as air, white and blue gradient maxi. It is great not only for a stroll around the beach, but also exploring the resort/town you are staying at.

Beach Dress

Beach Gradient Stripe Boho Dress


OK, NOW you can switch the sexy on! Those are the places where you can dance, flirt, be young again, generally, have fun. You need something comfortable, yet daring and impressive-looking. You don't have to show everything, but at least something that will emphasize on your curves. The dress we've got for you is a stunning Rhinestone embellished bodycon dress. Definitely an outfit that will get you a drink from that cute guy...

Club Dress

Bodycon Sexy Rhinestone Dress

Cocktail Party

The first thing that pop in your mind in the "little black dress". Basically the Cocktail Dress is feminine and romantic. Usually with an A-line silhouette, knee or a little below knee length. Simple and form fitting without lavish, busy decoration. Our choice in this case is this cute Lace dress. 

Cocktail Dress

Lace A-line Cocktail Dress


Hmmm... This is dress is hard to define, because it's a matter of personal taste. We can give you an advice you can choose to take or not. The perfect date outfit doesn't have to send the wrong message. If you like the boy (or the girl) you want to be girly and appealing, not raunchy and vulgar; make you feel comfortable, but still stand out from the crowd. We think this cute dress would make your date proud to be seen with you. 

Date Dress   

Romantic Leaves Date Dress


No, we're not talking about YOUR big day. But every once in a while you are sharing this great event of a friend or a family member and you have to look the part. Don't try to outshine the bride - never a good idea! But don't be too casual, you don't want to be the girl who wears jeans and a top... Be respectful and tasteful and just enjoy the party. Here is a beautiful dress that will show the bride and the groom you made an effort and will look great in pictures. Also great for bridesmaids!

Wedding Guest Dress

Wedding Bridesmaids Lace Romantic Dress


Although those formal events don't have dress code anymore (for the most part), you want to show your appreciation to the art. Think Gown! Long, gorgeous dresses, beautiful accessories. And if you are obsessed with "Pretty Woman" like we are, you know what we mean! As I already mentioned those forms of art do not require formal wear anymore and you can rub shoulders with leather jackets and shirts (oh, yes!). You'll feel 100 times better if you sit in your chair or drink your glass of champagne in the intermission. 

Opera Dress

White Embroidered Evening Gown Dress

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