How To Dress For Your Body Type

You’ve probably been in a situation where you’ve seen a clothing item on another person and absolutely loved it, but when you try it on you it just doesn’t work. You have to realize that even the most amazing dresses, blouses, skirts or jackets are just not for you. What you should do is figure out what is your body shape and learn what do you justice and what doesn’t. And if it’s any consolation event the “best” bodies can’t wear anything!


Definition: This is considered the most proportionate body shape for women. It’s characterized by chest and hips with similar measures and tinier waist.

Rectangle Boby Shape Dresses Best Wrap-around Bodycon

Bodycon Dress     Belt Dress     Greek Dress

What to wear: Since your proportions are fine you don’t have to accent on your shoulders and chest or hip area, but it’s perfectly fine to cinch your waist to emphasize on your curves. Belts are your best friends. Bodycon and bandage dresses work like magic, you can also wear wrap-around gowns or tops. Tailored suits and formal pieces are your best choice for the office!

What not to wear: There is not much you can’t pull off, but our advice, especially is you have a bigger bust, is to stay away from shapeless maxi dresses. They can make you a little boxy and completely lose your amazing figure. 


Definition: This means the difference between chest, waist and hip measures is minimal. But guess what – most of the girls in sport have this body shape.

Rectangle Body Shape Ballerina Volume Skirt Rose-Sleeved Blouse Corset Waist Top

Ballerina Skirt     Rose-Sleeved Blouse     Corset Belt Blouse

What to wear: When there is no volume – create it! We are talking about accentuating the shoulders and hips. Shoulder pads are welcome. Great idea is a bolero-type jacket with some tailored top underneath to put some layers. Sleeves with some volume on the shoulders are great. Wider straps for dresses or tanks are a good choice. The waist could the tightened with a belt or a corset-type accessory. Wrap-around clothes would create an illusion for an hourglass. Add a volume to the lower part of your body so the waist would appear smaller. A-line skirts and dresses, layers and light fabrics are recommended. Baggy pants are a good choice.

What not to wear: You want to add shape, so avoid shapeless or straight dresses. 


Definition: Wider hips (booty) smaller bust and upper frame part.

Triangle Body Shape Ruffle Blouse Loose Top

Ruffle-Sleeved Blouse     Ruffle Romantic Blouse     Loose V-neck Blouse

What to wear: To balance the outlook create volume from the neck down to the waist. This can be achieved with ruffle neck-line, voluminous sleeves, loose blouses tucked in your skirt or pants. Adding patterns, prints or horizontal stripes on the top part is a great tip as well. You can use big bold necklaces or flowy scarfs. Short sleeves also appear to widen your shoulders.

What not to wear: Avoid fitted tops. Also A-line dresses, since they will make your hip area even bigger. Layered and voluminous skirts are also not a good idea. 

Inverted triangle

Definition: This body shape means you have broader shoulders and/or chest comparing to your and hips.

Inverted Triangle Peplum Volume Layers Dress Top

Strapless Party Dress    Floral Layered Dress     Peplum Tunic 

What to wear: Since you have to create balance in your proportions, the most important thing is to create volume right below the waist. Think A-line skirts and dresses or peplum – organza and any other light fabric can do no wrong. Loose pants and jeans add dimension to your lower part. Don’t be afraid to wear baggy bottoms with fitted tops. Another great idea is to add layers from the waist down – this also brings femininity to your look. Spaghetti strap dresses are great too – anything that doesn’t add more to your wide upper frame is fine. V-necks also give the illusion of a narrow shoulder.

What not to wear: Shoulder pads are a no-no, bouffant sleeves aren’t a great choice either. Try to avoid tight pants, leggings or dresses.

Remember, every body is unique and you have to figure out how to bring the balance in your figure. Follow our advices or modify them to make them work 100% for your figure. And don't forget - draw attention to your best features and wear your clothes with a smile!

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